Applying for your next dream job

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It’s never easy applying for a new job and when there are many people competing for the same position, you might need some tips on how to be a cut above the rest.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a resume that stands out! Your resume should include your most recent job experience which includes only the past 5 years and the more experience that relates to the prospective job the better. Always proofread! Spelling errors can show a lack of mindfulness and attention to detail. Keep it short and sweet by limiting it to one page and use bullet points to keep it organized and easier to read. They might be looking at dozens of applications, so make sure yours stands out and is straight to the point.
So you got an interview and all the nerves along with it. A simple way to put some of those nerves to rest would be to show up a bit early but no more than ten minutes. Nothing can psych you out more than being late and not to mention, it looks bad to prospective employers. Have a copy of your resume and possibly a portfolio to show examples of your work, especially in fields such as marketing or teaching to show skills in curriculum planning. Don’t forget, first impressions really matter, so dress professionally.
Knowing how to carry a conversation during your interview also shows that you are prepared. Therefore, practice some questions which they might ask ahead of time. It’s also important to be yourself! Employers are trying to get to know you and will most likely choose someone they can tell is being sincere.
Another form of good etiquette, which also goes a long way, includes remembering to send an email after the interview, thanking them for their time, and saying how much you look forward to hearing from them.
Applying for a new job is never easy but it brings you closer to living a more comfortable life like I have found at my home here at HighPoint apartments. So remember, hard work and attention to detail, pays off in the end.

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