Fall for Fall-Cleaning

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So you’ve probably heard of Spring-cleaning and will reluctantly admit that it does help declutter your home but with Summer usually going by in a blur,  somehow the house feels slightly upside-down all over again. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Fall-cleaning and yes we can sense you cringing over the thought of having to clean the most cluttered places in your home but the truth is, with so many holidays looming around the corner, it might be worthwhile starting on a more organized foot.

If by now we’ve compelled you over to the decluttered-side, we’d like to offer some key places that we think most people might struggle to tame back into order.

Coffee Cups & Water Bottles

Usually when people think about the one place that needs to be decluttered in the kitchen, they think of the everything-drawer. Don’t worry, this is a safe space, so you can admit you have one and although it contains a wide spectrum of useful objects and can appear as disorganized and cluttered to the untrained eye, you personally know exactly what and where things can be found in it. Instead, we have chosen to bring your attention to a different area, which can often be protected by the “we need those” mentality. This of course includes coffee cups and water bottles. We know it’s challenging with so many different colors, shapes and sizes available to own a limited amount of cups and water bottles but there might be a couple that have been chipped and neglected that are worth getting rid of.

Shoe Closet

This one is painful for most of us because sometimes you have a really old pair of shoes that are just too comfortable to give up or you have that one pair of shoes that are the only shoes that go perfectly with a specific outfit. That’s why we simply propose getting rid of shoes that no longer fit or have been worn down to the point of no return.

Cleaning Supplies

As difficult as it is to believe that the place with all of the items intended to keep the rest of the house clean can itself become a place of discord, it is unfortunately true that you might be hoarding some cleaning products that you have since replaced with a cleaning product that works better for you.


Similar to cleaning supplies, it is just as easy to have a cluttered mess of toiletries, taking up bathroom cabinet space. Some toiletries can also have expiration dates that have long since passed and are no longer effective. Speaking of expiration dates, it might also be a good idea to look through medicine cabinets for any medication which might have expired and need to be replaced.

Toy boxes

Although Christmas is still a couple months away, it might be a good time to get rid of some toys that are broken or your children have simply outgrown over the Summer, to help make room for the next must-have item. Having less toys to clean up and pack into storage bins will also have a big impact on decluttering rooms and living spaces.

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