Getting organized before the New Year!

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Organizing your home can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. Not to mention all those organization bins, boxes, and supplies which can become quite expensive! But with the benefits of getting rid of unwanted or expired items and making items easier to find, I would like to share some easy steps that are also cost effective to help you along the way!
Organizing is also a great way for me to reflect and meditate, making it the perfect way to start the New Year. It’s also true that once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon find yourself organizing every room in your home!
The first step for every good organizing project, starts with decluttering. It would only waste time organizing things you no longer want or need and make the process far more complicated than it needs to be. One way to think of it is, if you do not have enough closet, drawer, or cabinet space, it might be because you have too much stuff. It’s only natural that after living in your home for a couple years, to accumulate a fair amount of things, even one’s that aren’t used or needed.
Another way to declutter before starting to organize a space, is to remove anything that is in the space that belongs somewhere else. This might mean that other rooms become slightly unorganized but it’s important to stay focused on each individual room or the task of organizing might seem like a never ending battle, while going off task in a million different directions.
Next, you’ll want to clean the space, storage containers, as well as the items you’re organizing.  Once everything is cleaned, you’ll want to decide how to organize items.  For example, do you want to group items together by category, or by task?
Speaking of containers, there are a couple of DIY projects that can help lower your cost, when looking for the perfect storage solutions. For example, large empty jars can be cleaned up and used for organizing too! I love to reuse them in my pantry for organizing bagged food items. Plus it is easy to see how much of an item is left.
Also, remember all those packages you got for Christmas and also a couple for yourself? Well, you can cover those boxes in pretty fabric to create the perfect storage bins, making all those packages practically pay for themselves.
You can also find inexpensive plastic bins in all sizes at the dollar store. These can be used as is to organize inside your closets or drawers. Or spray paint them to look like metal for visible storage.
Once all the organizing is done, all that’s left is to simply maintain your organizing system. The best way to do this, is by keeping out things that don’t belong, decluttering regularly, and making adjustments to the organizing system as needed. Here’s to a happy and decluttered New Year!

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