Organizing Tips for the New Year

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After all the excitement and fast-paced schedules experienced during the holidays, you might find that your beautiful home feels upside down and completely disorganized and it’s sometimes impossible to know where to start. We would like to share some great organizational tips to help put you back on track in restoring your home back to its pre-tinsel glory.
  • Declutter before reorganizing
    • Go through all of the holiday decorations that might not have been used and consider giving it away to lighten your storage load.
  • Organize by category and not by room
    • Start by going from room to room and finding objects based on a category such as toys and once all of the toys have been collected begin to organize the space where your children play. By doing this you avoid having to backtrack and reorganize a previously organized room because you find objects in different areas of the house that are stored there.
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry
    • You might find that over the holidays you accumulate a lot of leftovers that keep being pushed further towards the back of the fridge. Do a thorough sweep of the fridge and pantry and get rid of items that may have expired.
  • Donate unused items
    • After the holidays your home might feel a little crowded from all of the gifts received from loved ones. This is the perfect opportunity to go through items that you no longer use or need to help declutter. It can especially be true for your children after they have received more age-appropriate toys and they might want to donate toys that they have outgrown.
Here at HighPoint Apartments, we have beautifully designed spaces that allow families to feel at home. Organizing is the perfect thing for helping your home feel comfortable and beautiful again and we hope that these tips are just the inspiration you need to get started.

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