Staying motivated in the New Year

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There’s no denying that in-spite of it only being the first month of the year, it’s usually one of the most difficult times of the year and it can be for a variety of reasons from the cold weather keeping you indoors; coming down from the busy and exciting Christmas season with friends and family; to starting the new year with certain expectations. You might find yourself questioning how you can be better this year and what you hope to achieve. Whether you started on January 1st or decided to skip the New Year’s resolution train, it’s not too late to work on ways to stay motivated!
Keep in mind that this is not just aimed towards career goals but can be applicable in all your everyday situations where you might be feeling defeated, from parenting, managing finances, home and work life balance, being more organized, becoming more healthy, to starting a successful business. In every aspect of your life, it is crucial to stay motivated in order for you to move forward!

Set Goals

From working on a project or getting fit, to starting a business, it’s important to have an end goal that you are ultimately working towards. Aside from having an ultimate goal in mind, it’s also important to set smaller and more manageable goals along the way. It’s important to have realistic goals that are within reach and therefore easily attainable to keep you motivated and moving forward. Take into account all of the possible obstacles and make adjustments accordingly.

Stay Positive

Being positive and staying motivated go hand in hand and therefore it’s important to have a positive mindset by focusing on your wins along the way. Fear of failure can have a large impact on your ability to stay both positive and motivated! Instead of being afraid of failure, work towards seeing it as an obstacle to conquer and a learning curve along the way. Try not to focus on all of the things that are or could go wrong but focus on having a positive problem solving mindset that tries to find solutions!

Find Mentors

Find a person who has walked a similar path towards achieving a goal you have for yourself! Whether it’s a person you know personally or someone with a podcast you can listen to, learn from their experiences and apply it towards your own effort. This can also often times offer some shortcuts as you can learn from someone else’s mistakes without having to go through them yourself! It’s also important to discover that you are not alone and that through their success you can see the light towards the end of your own tunnel.

Have A Support System

Aside from having a mentor it’s important to have a support system that can encourage you along the way! Having a support system through friends or family is also a great way to help hold you accountable and have an external drive aside from your own efforts.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

While having mentors and a support system can help you stay motivated, your own internal monologue is just as powerful! Therefore it’s important to be kind towards yourself and your efforts and continue to focus on your successes rather than your failures or faults. Knowing that you can sometimes be your own worst critique, decide that you are proud of yourself and you know what you are capable of.

Stick To Hobbies

It can be easy to only focus on the tasks that lie ahead and sometimes get caught up in feelings of uncertainty for the future and that’s why it’s so important to stick to your hobbies! Do things you love and enjoy and maintain a lighthearted playful self so as to not take everything so seriously. Take time to break away from everything and do the things that fill you back up!
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