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Bret and Jessica got married about ten years ago. After living in the city for a few years, along came Jalen. It was then that they began their search for a neighborhood that was both hip and safe as they started to raise their family. Bret works from home a couple days a week, along with some travel as a medical sales representative. Jessica works part time while working toward her MBA in hospital administration online. Their son, Jalen, is both a gifted athlete and budding musician and artist. The family works hard and plays hard. When not attending one of Jalen’s activities, Bret and Jessica still like to find time for each other and enjoy wine, craft beer, and the theater. With their busy lifestyle, they make sure they stay in shape by eating right and hitting the gym several days a week. HighPoint was the perfect place for them. The Community Arts Center, Friendship Centre with after school and summer camp childcare onsite, was everything they wanted in a neighborhood and more.

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The Garcia’s are starting their new life together after their beautiful Island wedding in Maui. They want to enjoy life with just the two of them right now. They’re eclectic style stands out from the crowd in Starbucks where Josey Garcia stops each day before heading into her office job. Manny Garcia is working at the local hospital and finishing his nursing degree

They are eager to find a cozy new apartment to enjoy together in hopes of staying when they do decide to start a family. They most-ly enjoy those quiet moments at home with friends or just by themselves. When they do have time out together they like to make it count by going to finer restaurants and clubs. Josey Garcia wants to be able to make their nest comfortable as well as economical. She is always watching their budget to save for the future.

Line Sketch of Raoul Avatar


Raoul is always looking for the next new thing. An entrepreneur at heart, he is bound and determined to create a multi-million-dollar company by the time he is 35. He’s tech savvy, having dropped out of a prestige university after realizing that completing his degree would leave him with lingering debt and handicap his business dreams. Although his immigrant parents couldn’t financially help him, he immediately started his own business enterprises and hasn’t looked back.

A self-taught technologist and voracious learner, Raoul outsources his technical expertise to a network of business start-ups and small businesses. He relies upon a network of other service providers to team up their competencies to foster business solutions to a wide range of businesses across the world. His travels have exposed him to diverse cultures and stimulated his thirst for adventure. He’s always seeking out new and novel opportunities, be it in business, investment, latest fashion trends, new products, friends, re-lationships, or novel places to live. He works hard, keeps fit with yoga and spin classes and doesn’t clutter his life with unnecessary” stuff”. You might consider him to be a minimalist preferring to keep his life simple

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Tiffini and Isabella attended school together in St. Louis and have been friends since childhood. Although they each have different in-terests, they have remained close friends and enjoy sharing their experiences with each other. So, recently, they decided to move to-gether closer to the big city to grow their careers.

Tiffini has regular hair and nail appointments and loves experimenting with new makeup and fashion trends. She enjoys watching reality TV such as DIY programs and Style network. When entertaining at home she orders carry-in gourmet meals and drinks fine wines. She also loves the night life drinking exotic cocktails and trendy liquors.

Isabelle, Issa for short, is transferring to Lewis University to finish up her career in Sports Medicine and is here on an athletic schol-arship she received as a volleyball athlete. Issa is every guy’s fantasy. She loves to hang out with the fellas and watch ESPN for hours. She belongs to a fantasy football league and always can pick great teams for the March Madness NCAA brackets. Issa is a devot-ed sports fan always torn between her hometown St. Louis teams and her new Chicago home teams. She enjoys attending as many games as possible. She’s an expert tailgater and can BBQ a mean brisket. When she’s not attending games she’s hanging with friends at the local spots rooting on her favorite teams. Issa is what you call a guy’s gal.

Line Sketch of Paula Avatar


Paula is a sophisticated, successful, single woman. She is educated, well-traveled, well-read, cultured and politically astute. She holds an advanced degree and a solid career in the legal field. She is stylish, fashionable, active and social. She’s decisive, outgoing and confident in herself. She prefers to spend her free time visiting museums, exploring upscale neighborhoods in the city, or attending theater events or concerts. She loves traveling abroad. She enjoys boutique shopping, trendy Naperville restaurants, and playing golf or tennis.
She has no children and no significant other, so she spends her disposable income on simple luxuries like hair appointments, weekly massages, nail appointments and a wine of the month membership. She consciously chose to live in the suburbs for safety reasons. She’s very aware of her appearance, and doesn’t mind spending a little extra money to get exactly what she’s looking for. She wears name brands, and drives an expensive luxury sedan.
She has an eccentric, expensive style all her own. She’s in her 50s, but in many ways has a “millennial mindset” when it comes to consumer habits. She enjoys spending time with girlfriends, going out for a glass of wine, or keeping in touch with out of town family via Facebook. She often entertains out of town guests or family members, and needs additional space in her home for visitors. She loves interior decorating, and visits stores like Crate and Barrel or Pier 1 Imports on the weekends to routinely update her apartment home. She’s a lifelong renter and actively invests in different opportunities. She wants to find an apartment with finishes to match her thirst for quality. She doesn’t want to worry about taking care of a house, and she rents for the convenience of a maintenance free lifestyle. She’s very plugged into social events around town and in her apartment community, and she relishes the opportunity to chat with the office team when she stops by to pick up a package. She has expensive taste and wants a true luxury living experience.


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