10 Ways to get your apartment looking just as spotless as when you first moved in!

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Although you might feel like you are constantly cleaning your home and getting rid of the obvious messes, there are always those couple of spots that you rarely ever remember to clean. Some of the listed areas can also have a big impact on your health, by building up large amounts of dust, pollen, and germs, which can lead to experiencing those pesky allergies.
Wash the shower curtain
Cleaning your shower curtain is as easy as throwing it in the laundry to get rid of buildup but it’s frequently forgotten about even after cleaning the bathroom.
Ceiling fans
Although it might be a bit of a reach, wiping off the top of your ceiling fan blades will reveal just how much dust is hiding up there and will come falling down on other surfaces once the fan is on.
You might be sweeping and vacuuming often enough but your baseboards collect just as much dust. Although it might be an uncomfortable spot to clean, using a magic eraser will make the process a bit easier.
On top of the refrigerator
Another spot where dust and depending on who you are, even some everyday clutter can easily be stored up, would be on top of your refrigerator.
Window sills
On those lovely summer days, when the breeze is sweet and your windows are left open, pollen and dust is finding it’s way onto your window sills and therefore deserves a wipe down every now and then.
Coffee maker
Depending on which coffee maker you have, you might forget to clean out your coffee maker with vinegar or some descaling solution once in a while. This is not only important for your health but also for maintaining your coffee maker.
Remote controls
We all know the best place to enjoy some not so healthy snacks are in front of the TV and odds are that you reach for that remote with not so clean hands, leaving the remote grimy and sticky.
Air vent grates
Air vent grates are another place that are often overlooked and quite tedious to clean, however when put into perspective that the air flowing into your home moves through those same vent grates, it’s quite obvious that they should be cleaned and free from dust.
Dust house plants
Both artificial and real live houseplants are often great places for dust to collect. By using a microfiber cloth, you can lightly wipe off any dust that has collected over time.
Bed sheets
Laundry can seem like a never ending battle but there are some things in your home that should also be washed on a regular basis and your bed sheets are one of them.

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