Creating A Workstation In Your Living Room

Creating A Workstation In Your Living Room

Whether you’re taking classes or working from home, a good workstation is essential to completing your projects. In an apartment, you may need to use a spot in your living room, but this doesn’t mean you cannot create a productive space. I’ve put together a few ideas for creating a workstation in your living room.

Choose Your Spot

When you have work to complete, the last thing you want to do is sit in front of the television. However, arranging your workstation in front of the window creates the bright, airy feeling you need to feel motivated. It also opens up more space in the center of your living room. If you have a nook in your living room, this is a great spot for your workstation, as it feels like a small home office.

Furniture That Works

Since you’re creating a workstation in your living room, it’s best to choose a desk with just enough space for your laptop. If you need additional storage space, add floating shelves above your desk. A folding chair helps you save space, but an office chair is more comfortable. Next, you want to ensure there’s enough space for your workstation, even if it means rearranging your living room a bit.

Use A Screen

If you feel the need to isolate your workstation, consider placing a Chinese screen around your area. This way, you can minimize the distractions without feeling disconnected from the rest of your apartment. You can find screens in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your space. When you’re not using the screen, it can easily be folded and placed on the side until you need it.

When you take the time to create the right workstation, working in the living room is not going to keep you from being productive.

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