Decorate Your Guestroom For Out-of-Town Family

Decorate Your Guestroom For Out-of-Town Family

I love inviting my out-of-town family to stay at my apartment instead of a hotel, which is why I rent a two-bedroom apartment here at HighPoint. In my eyes, there’s more to setting up a guest bedroom than just adding a bed and dresser to the room. I want my guests to feel right at home during their stay. If you feel the same way, I’ve put together several tips for decorating your guest bedroom for out-of-town guests.

Keep Them Comfortable

Start by placing cozy bedding on the bed. I like to offer a sheet, blanket and comforter, as this allows my guests to pick and choose what they use at night. You can always store extra linen in the bedroom closet. If you want to offer more than just a bed, provide a comfortable chair or DIY window seat for reading or putting on shoes.

Add Warm Decor

When I say warm decor, I mean pieces that create that “home sweet home” feeling. A scented candle, flower arrangement and soft rug can go a long way when someone is away from the comfort of their own home. If you are adding a splash of color to your guest bedroom, choose softer shades of blue or green to create a soothing palette.

Remember The Essentials

You should always remember the essentials when entertaining your guests for a few days. They’re going to need clean towels, toiletries and clean bed sheets. If you want to go the extra mile, put together a basket of their favorite snacks to leave on the nightstand. You can even add in toiletries of their favorite scents or brands.

I enjoy living at HighPoint Town Square, and with the right decor, I know my out-of-town guests enjoy staying in my apartment when they come to visit.

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