Decorating Ideas For a Unique Feel

Decorating Ideas For a Unique Feel

A modern farmhouse style is popular among homeowners, and you can add this design to your apartment as well. It’s a look that depends on wooden elements, sleek pieces and a clutter-free space. I’ve put together a few ideas for creating a modern farmhouse apartment.

Removable Shiplap Wallpaper

Shiplap is the staple of any farmhouse design, but you may not have the option of adding this material to your apartment. You can work around the rules of apartment living by investing in removable shiplap wallpaper. It gives your apartment the illusion of real shiplap, and you can easily remove it without damaging the walls. If your bathroom is small, use shiplap wallpaper in white to make it feel open yet cozy.

Wooden and Sleek

In a modern farmhouse kitchen, you can start with a wooden dining table and dining chairs with cushions. It creates a cozy, country feeling, which makes your kitchen feel warm and welcoming. To enhance the modern vibe, look for sleek portable appliances such as a coffee maker and toaster. If permitted, consider hanging sleek pendants over your dining table. Remember, you want to keep your kitchen clutter-free so you can focus on function.

Vintage and Colorful

Mixing vintage and colorful pieces is a great way to create a modern farmhouse living room or bedroom. You can give the space a rustic look with vintage signs and self-adhesive hooks. A chalkboard enhances the look while creating a message board for notes and appointments. Use pillows, quilts and curtains to add color and texture to your space. In a modern farmhouse apartment, you want to work with colors instead of traditional patterns.

A modern farmhouse style is not limited to homes and farms. With the right accessories, you can easily transform your apartment into a warm but trendy space.

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