Ideas To Be More Adventurous In The New Year

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Ideas To Be More Adventurous In The New Year

If you are anything like us, you have made it a goal to be more adventurous in the New Year. I am not saying you have to go scuba diving or bungee jumping to be more adventurous, but even trying something different can be a new adventure. Are you looking to be a little more adventurous this year? We have put together a few ideas that may interest you.

Wine Tasting

If you want a little adventure, but not too much adrenaline, consider a wine tasting event. You have the opportunity to sample different flavors to find a new favorite, and some wine tasting events offer a tour and snacks. If you have already attended a wine tasting event, consider a new event, or consider hosting your own event in your apartment!


There is nothing like hiking to add a little more adventure to your life. You are surrounded by nature, enjoying the fresh air and unplugging from the online and business world for a few hours. It is also a great way to stay active in the New Year. If you do not have any hiking trails near you, consider the walking trails at your nearest local or state park.

Indoor Skydiving

Of course, you may be looking for an adventure that does increase your adrenaline, and one idea we have is indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving has become a popular activity, with indoor skydiving venues throughout the area. It is a great alternative if the thought of traditional outdoor skydiving makes you nervous. You can even take part in virtual reality skydiving programs.

You can try a new adventure with your other half, your friends or on your own. Afterwards, return to your cozy HighPoint Town Square apartment to relax.

How are you planning to be more adventurous this year? Feel free to share your plans in our comments section.

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