MiSTEAKs to avoid when grilling steak

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Nothing says summer like a sizzling steak on the grill and at HighPoint Apartments we have access to convenient grilling stations located at the Friendship Centre. However, grilling the perfect steak can sometimes be challenging as a result of various surprising factors that might never have occurred to you but can easily be remedied.
Choose your steak wisely
Sadly, not all cuts of meat are created equal and therefore you want to be very selective of which steak you select for the grill. Two of the key components of a great steak includes thickness and fat contents. Thin cuts of meat tend to dry out and overcook faster, while thick cuts can absorb more flavor from the grill while cooking a bit longer. Before you trim away the fat, remember that fat is critical for adding flavor to the meat as it cooks away on the grill and you can even add some fat by brushing on butter.
Salt, acid, and everything nice
Fat can already increase the flavor of the steak but it also requires some balance. Seasoning can highlight the flavors of the steak and turn it into a balanced symphony of flavors. Add some salt right before placing the steak on the grill for it to be absorbed into the meat. A fresh squeeze of lemon juice can also make a world of difference by adding some acidity to cut through the fat.
Bring on the heat
Give the grill a sufficient amount of time to warm up, usually 15-20 minutes, before you put the steaks on. By doing this, you are ensuring that once the meat touches the hot grill it is instantly sealed, keeping all of the juices and flavors in. It also allows you to get those signature grill marks rather than a dull grey steak.
One flip is enough
Once the steak is on the grill, refrain from flipping it over too many times, as it will result in a dried-out steak. In fact you only need to flip a steak once after putting it on the grill, which will seal in the meat on both sides and keep all the juices in.
Invest in a meat thermometer
Fear of charring the steak on one side could result in the steak being flipped too many times or even worse, the steak being cut into. Cutting into the steak to see if it is done can result in the steak losing moisture, nutrients and flavor. With the help of a meat thermometer you can eliminate the guessing games and have a perfectly cooked steak.
Let it rest
Never underestimate the importance of resting meat after it has been cooked. It might seem counterintuitive as you let the steak sit and get cold on the counter but it is the key towards having juicier meat. Cover the steak in foil after it has been cooked, to keep the heat in and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes. This allows the juices to be reabsorbed into the meat for a juicier and tender steak.

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