Mother’s Day is Coming!

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Hey! Bret here. As many of you know, Mother’s Day is soon approaching and if your wife or mothers are anything like mine, Mother’s Day is a weeklong celebration. But they deserve it, wouldn’t you agree! Jalen and I have been showering Jessica with flowers and some of her favorite candy all week, but we both had to brainstorm for ultimate gifts to give her on the big day, both personalized by each of us of course. I went with a customized necklace with Jalen’s name on it, just a quick Google search and boom! So many customizable jewelry sites came up! Of course, Jalen wanted to out work me with something made by hand, so he chose to paint a flower pot and fill it with her favorite purple flowers in order to entertain Jessica’s (nonexistent) green thumb. He definitely got me on this one and I know it will look great in the apartment! Check out this super simple and thoughtful gift! Don’t forget to call your momma on Sunday, May 12, fellas!

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