Start Fresh In Your Apartment For Fall

Start Fresh In Your Apartment For Fall

In our apartment, we look at every season as an opportunity to start fresh. There’s something therapeutic about changing things up and breathing new life into our space. We want to help you start over with these tips for refreshing your apartment for fall.

Pack Away The Summer Gear

While you may dread it, it’s almost time to pack away your summer gear. If you use the community pool, you’ll need to pack away your bathing suit and pool toys. Do you have summer accessories throughout your apartment? Maybe you’re using pink, blue and green accents for summer. It’s about time to pack those up as well, unless they are necessities or fit the fall season.

Unpack The Fall Gear

As you start packing away your summer gear, you can unpack your fall gear. You’re going to need a rake for the leaves, and you can still leave out your bicycle or scooter. The colors outside are changing, so you may find the colors changing in your apartment. Replace the pastel or vibrant summer shades with warm shades of orange, yellow and red. Decorative pieces with the sun and flowers are now being swapped out for leaves and pumpkins.

Add Coziness To Your Space

You can’t start fresh for fall without adding a little coziness to your space. Throw blankets and pillows add warmth to your couch, recliner and bed, and don’t forget the cushions on your dining chairs. Imagine the comfort of lighting a candle and curling up under your blankets with a book. Designate an area in your kitchen for hot cocoa, coffee, tea or cider, which keep your warm as the temperature goes down.

Of course, you don’t have to make these changes until the end of summer, but it’s going to feel good to start over for the season.

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