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During the holiday season, many families gather from far and wide and you might find yourself looking into your guest bedroom, wondering how to make your friends or family feel more at home while staying over.
You might have to ask yourself if you would feel comfortable and at home in your guest bedroom after a long trip and granted it doesn’t need to have all the trimmings of a five-star hotel but there are numerous thoughtful touches to help guests feel welcome.

Space for clothing and luggage

Even a small carry-on needs space to avoid getting in the way, therefore while adding decor, be mindful of the floor space. It is also a great idea to have some hangers available in the closet to help make your guests feel truly welcome by not forcing them to live out of their suitcases.

Extra pillows and blankets

People’s preferences for the number of pillows they like to sleep on can really differ from person to person and therefore it’s a good idea to have some extra pillows available. The same can really be said for blankets and especially during the winter, I love to bundle up.


This was definitely something I overlooked when focusing on decorating the guests’ bedroom since a wastebasket isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing item but definitely a necessary one. From airline luggage tags and receipts to empty containers and tissues, guests will want to easily throw out these items, without the hassle of leaving the room.

Convenient power outlets

This is another aspect to consider while decorating the guest bedroom and deciding where to put furniture. Have the bedside table near an outlet to allow your guests to easily charge their devices overnight, while still having the ability to easily access them. Sometimes it’s also helpful to have a spare charger for your guests to use if they forget their own.

Towels and toiletries

Having some fresh towels set aside will definitely help your guests feel at home and although most people bring their own preferred toiletries, it’s also easy to forget. Providing a couple of basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and even toothbrushes can save the hassle of driving over to the nearest store.

Water bottles

By no means do I think your guests expect a full-service minibar in the guest room, however having some water bottles set aside will offer your guests a way to have a middle-of-the-night drink without worrying about disturbing the rest of the house.

A nightlight

Being in an unfamiliar room and trying to navigate it in the dark can be risky business and therefore a simple nightlight can help guests safely move around at night, without the risk of stubbing a toe.

A mirror

Providing a mirror in the guest room can offer guests an option to get ready in the room especially if it’s a full house and the bathroom isn’t attached to the guest bedroom. Having a full-length mirror can also be helpful if guests are getting dressed up for an event.

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