Spring Break Activity Ideas

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If you weren’t one of the fortunate parents to have a small getaway over spring break, where your kids could work off their energy in ways that didn’t result in constant cleanups of your home, we have some great ideas to help you finish strong without too much exertion on your part! After all, here at HighPoint apartments we cater perfectly for families to have homes that are both spacious enough for the largest pillow forts and equipped for the greatest imaginations to flourish! No matter what interests your children share, the following list of activities is bound to spark their excitement!
  1. Make lunch time more exciting by packing some deliciously healthy snacks and drinks along with a large blanket to have a fun picnic in your backyard.
  2. Bake some delicious treats in your well equipped kitchen! Baking is also a great way to explore mathematical concepts in a more fun and hands on way.
  3. What better way to stimulate your child’s imagination than by reading a book! Stop by the local library and have them pick out their next adventure.
  4. Enjoy a family board game night or some of the many card games that will both meet their interests and abilities.
  5. Get some fresh air and enjoy nature by taking a walk along our beautiful nature trail! Spring is a great time to observe the week by week changes happening with the various plants and trees. Also observe the variety of birds returning to the area!
  6. The nature trail is also great for taking a bike ride, while enjoying the breeze on your face!
  7. Setup a scavenger hunt for your kids either throughout the house or outside in the backyard.
  8. Paint a bird house that can be hung up outside!
  9. Make your very own kite and enjoy watching it soar on the wind.
  10. Visit the zoo and learn about some interesting animals. Follow it up by having your children draw their favorite animal!
  11. Build a pillow fort in the living room and watch a movie on those rainy days.
  12. One activity that might be slightly less exciting but is for a good cause involves going through your children’s winter clothes and giving away items that will no longer fit next season. Your children will learn about ways to give back to the community and you can get a head start on Spring cleaning!
  13. Plan a play date for your kids and their friends to play games together.
  14. Another fun spring break idea to do at home is to have an ABC Day!  This is such an easy activity and all you have to do is choose one letter from the alphabet and then plan the day around that letter! For example if you pick the letter R, you might eat Raisins and Red apples, play Ring around the Rosie or have a Race, and make an art project out of Ribbon.
  15. Gardening is also a fun activity to get kids involved with. Take your kids to the store and let them choose a few things to plant in containers. It can be anything from flowers to veggies! At home they can help with the planting and watering. Watching the little seeds sprout is so exciting!

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