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Turnover dictionary definition

In addition, there would be a great outcry from those with turnovers of more than £50,000 complaining of unfair competition. Another 178,000 traders had turnovers between £50,000 and £100,000 per annum, and contributed another £140 million between them. The report gives a median figure for chief executives of companies with turnovers of more than £1,150 million as £100,000 a year. No information is available regarding either length of the faces concerned or the number of turnovers per week on these faces. Nationalised industries are enormous organisations, with very high turnovers. The company reported a €500,000 loss on turnover of €4.5 million.

The rate at which goods are sold and replaced in a shop. Inventory turnover is a financial ratio that measures a company’s efficiency in managing its stock of goods. Short-term assets refer to those that are held for a short period of time or assets expected to be converted into cash in the next year. Two of the largest assets owned by a business are accounts receivable and inventory. Both of these accounts require a large cash investment, and it is important to measure how quickly a business collects cash. Consequently, lower turnovers mean that the fixed charge operates at a far greater proportion of the company’s gross profitability than it otherwise would.

Turnover dictionary definition

If an economist is talking about turnover, she probably means the rate at which a business loses employees, or how many jobs they have to fill over the course of a year. If that same economist is placing an order at a bakery, she may instead mean the flaky, triangle-shaped pastry that’s wrapped around a fruit filling.

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Look up turnoveror turn over in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. This article contains general legal information but does not constitute professional legal advice for your particular situation. The Law Dictionary is not a law firm, and this page does not create an attorney-client or legal adviser relationship. If you have specific questions, please consult a qualified attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Turnovermeans the amount paid or payable to You for goods sold and delivered and for services rendered in the course of the Business at the Premises.

“Overall turnover” is a synonym for a company’s total revenues. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. Hong Kong short sale turnover declined by -27.2% from yesterday, 96% of the 1-year average. We want to find ways to speed up inventory turnover.

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When workers leave their jobs and are replaced by other workers, that’s turnover. A totally different kind of turnover is a delicious baked good with a sweet filling. Turnover ratios calculate how quickly Turnover dictionary definition a business collects cash from its accounts receivable and inventory investments. These ratios are used by fundamental analysts and investors to determine if a company is deemed a good investment.

Turnover dictionary definition

An apprentice, in any trade, who is handed over from one master to another to complete his time. It is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK, with a current turnover of £65 million at retail value. The company employs 160 staff and had a turnover last year of €52.5 million. Afzal set up, and subsequently sold, a £1m premium turnover insurance business. In any group of average citizens there are bound to be a few bad apples.

Turnover Definition & Legal Meaning

Most often, turnover is used to understand how quickly a company collects cash from accounts receivable or how fast the company sells its inventory. What turnover means in Afrikaans, turnover meaning in Afrikaans, turnover definition, examples and pronunciation of turnover in Afrikaans language. The annual turnover of staff in fast food restaurants is often close to 100%. The ratio of the labor turnover to the average number of employees in a given period.

  • The restaurant did a lively business and had a rapid turnover.
  • Working on her speed and the quick turnover time in the 1,500 factored into her decision to race.
  • Find out which words work together and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app.
  • Because beds are being used more efficiently than ever before, with swifter turnovers and more day surgery, the number of patients has continued to rise.
  • The rate at which money or workers pass through a business.

For this reason, companies should strive to avoid high turnover rates. All JOLTS historical series were revised to incorporate the new methods. For general information about the improvements in our methodology, please see (/jlt/methodologyimprovement.htm). Accounts receivable represents the total dollar amount of unpaid customer invoices at any point in time. Assuming that credit sales are sales not immediately paid in cash, the accounts receivable turnover formula is credit sales divided by average accounts receivable.

Things are slow now, but they expect an increased turnover next month. The restaurant did a lively business and had a rapid turnover. The flat rate will not just be for companies with turnovers of less than £100,000 but for those with turnovers of less than £150,000. Because beds are being used more efficiently than ever before, with swifter turnovers and more day surgery, the number of patients has continued to rise. The worst companies will have the highest turnovers at such times. Many producers who have turnovers of less than £5,000 a year will be zero-rated.

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In the work world, having a lot of turnover is a negative thing. In the pastry world, a high rate of turnovers doesn’t sound bad at all. The number of workers that have left a workplace or industry and been replaced in a given period of time, or the rate at which this happens. The inventory turnover, also known as sales turnover, helps investors determine the level of risk they will face if providing operating capital to a company. In the investment industry, turnover is defined as the percentage of a portfolio that is sold in a particular month or year. A quick turnover rate generates more commissions for trades placed by a broker. Turnover is an accounting concept that calculates how quickly a business conducts its operations.

The company has a staff turnover of around 12% a year. The turnover rate amongst permanent employees is quite low. The company’s annual turnover is somewhere around £70.7 million. The amount of money turned over or drawn in a business, as in a retail shop, in a specified time. Sometimes the dessert tray even yields a true rarity – apple pie worth eating, here folded into honest turnover form.

Employees may be let go for a wide range of reasons, including unsatisfactory job performance or inappropriate behavior, often calledcounterproductive work behavior . The likelihood that an employee won’t be able to fulfill his or her job duties can be minimized by administering aptitude or skills tests in the hiring process. Similarly, certain personality tests can be used to assess how likely an employee is to engage in counterproductive work behaviors that can negatively affect an organization. The rate of processing or the amount of material that has undergone a particular process in a given period of time, as in manufacturing. The number of times that capital is invested and reinvested in a line of merchandise during a specified period of time.

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This is a sexual act, although it does not occur at the appointed time of consummation. S — when a team loses possession of the ball to its opponent. A baked or deep-fried pastry with a sweet or savory filling in which half the dough is turned over the filling and the edges sealed to form a semicircle or triangle. A change from one position, opinion, etc., to another, often to one that is opposed to that previously held. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. The company’s shares gained 20p to 463p on turnover of 1.1 million shares.

Of course, problems arise with the percentage of small businesses that qualify, because retail businesses have higher turnovers than other small businesses. The Trust will generally not exceed a portfolio turnover rate of 100%. Private nurseries tend to have a high turnover of staff. Больше примеров There is a very high turnover of staff at the hospital. The large number of temporary contracts resulted in a high turnover of staff. As the bloodiest century in human history drew to a close, historians began to total up the casualties.

ˈturnstile noun a revolving gate which allows only one person to pass at a time, usually after payment of entrance fees etc. A baked pastry in which half the dough is turned over the filling and sealed. A reorganization of a political organization, business, etc.

It’s not an exclusive shop, though its turnover is the envy of many traditional merchants. Staff turnover is low, with several employees having served for more than 25 years. The business has a turnover of over €1 million and the guide price is €888,816. Julia journeys from her studio kitchen to Provence to make a spinach turnover with her collaborator Simone Beck. Staff turnover is low compared with some agencies and employees enjoy benefits such as free fruit, a nail bar and gym membership. The related rules section is for members only and includes a compilation of all the rules of law in Quimbee’s database relating to this key term.

Turnover dictionary definition

Turnover is usually the same as sales, or revenue, but it may be greater for some https://accountingcoaching.online/ businesses. The amount of business transacted during a given period of time.

For instance, applicants who are non-aggressive and introverted may become dissatisfied in a sales position and ultimately choose to leave a company. Volume of annual sales that is net of taxes and discounts. Number of times an asset revolves or is replaced in a period of accounting. Employees hired to replace ones who have left for some reason, fired, retired.

Current Population Survey— monthly data on the labor force, employment, unemployment and persons not in the labor force. It also provides monthly data on job losers and job leavers and biennial data on displaced workers. April job openings rates decreased in 12 states and increased in 6. Hires rates decreased in 3 states and increased in 2. Total separations rates decreased in 9 states and increased in 5; quits rates decreased in 10 and increased in 4; layoffs and discharges rates decreased in 5 and increased in…

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The rate at which items are sold and inventory replaced. The rate at which workers are replaced, esp. in a given period. The rate at which employees leave a workforce and are replaced. Days sales outstanding is a measure of the average number of days that it takes for a company to collect payment after a sale has been made. Working capital management is a strategy that requires monitoring a company’s current assets and liabilities to ensure its efficient operation. The days sales of inventory gives investors an idea of how long it takes a company to turn its inventory into sales.

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