A few of my favorite smart home accessories

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I truly love my space at HighPoint Town Square, and to make it even better, I picked up some HomeKit compatible smart home gear so I can control my home from my all my devices! These are some of my favorite accessories.

  1. Phillips Hue

The Phillips Hue system is awesome! My smart bulbs turn any color and integrate with smart switches, IFTT, and most importantly, HomeKit. I set up an automation that turns all my lights on when I get home after sunset.

One of my favorite things, however, is using Siri to turn on and off my lights. After a long day, I love being able to ask HomePod to turn off my lights! It’s a game changer.

  1. WeMo

I really enjoy WeMo for coffee pots and pretty much everything that I need to turn off at night. WeMo plugs into existing wall plugs and transforms it into a HomeKit smart plug. This means I can now start my morning coffee by just asking Siri! 

  1. MySmartBlinds

This is one of my favorite accessories! With MySmartBlinds, I’m able to make my existing blinds smart! Now as soon as the sun rises, my blinds automatically open so I can look out at my incredible community! 

What are some of your favorite SmartHome accessories? Let me know in the comments below: 

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