A-Z Summer Activities for kids

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With Summer-break fast approaching it’s time to start planning some fun activities to help keep your kids from saying the dreaded, “I’m bored”. Although it might be impossible to keep your kids enthusiastically engaged in activities at all times, we would like to share some ideas that might help take some of the pressure off.
The idea behind A-Z activities is that each week you would take a different letter or two and do one or more activities a day that correlates with that letter. You might not get through the entire alphabet in the summer, but it’s fun to pick up and continue when there are school holidays.
Most of the activities can be something simple and shouldn’t require a whole lot of planning and preparation. It’s just nice to have some type of structure that allows you to spend that quality time together every day. What’s even better is that these activities can be adapted to fit both the developmental needs of your children based on their age as well as their individual interests.
If you are not sure where to start, we have included a list of ideas, to help you get started!
A- art project, ant farm, apple picking, aquarium
B- baseball game, bake some treats, bowling, bubbles
C- chalk the driveway, candy factory, camping
D- drawing, donuts, dancing, drive-in movie
E- experiments(safe science experiments), exercise
F- fire pit with s’mores, forts, finger-painting, fondue
G- game night, gummy bear factory, gardening
H- hike, homemade soap, hopscotch
I- Indiana beach, ice-skating, ice cream
J- jello, jump rope, jumping (trampoline park)
K- kite (make a kite), kitchen day( bake some treats), kickball
L- lemonade stand, library visit, listen to music
M- movie theater day, museum, milkshakes, musical instruments
N- nature walk, nail painting, necklace making
O- oobleck day, obstacle course, origami
P- picnic at the park, paper airplanes, painting, planetarium, pizza, play dough
Q- quilting, q-tip painting, quicksand using cornstarch
R- rock painting, roller coaster, ride bikes, read-a-thon
S- swimming, snow cones, splash pad, shadow art, scavenger hunt
T- train ride, tie-dye shirts, tea party
U- Uno, U-day (each child gets their own day)
V- visit relatives, volunteer, volcano experiment
W- water park day, walk in the park, watermelon
X- “X” marks the spot treasure map, xylophone, X-ray fish craft
Y- yarn maze, yarn dolls, yoga
Z- zoo day, zigzag car race track, zebra craft

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