Simple tips for feeling energized in the morning

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We’ve all had those mornings when we just can’t shake off that sluggish feeling, even if we’ve technically gotten enough sleep. Our first response might be to load up on caffeine but even that comes with it’s own negative consequences.
Morning fatigue is normal for many people and while it is important to focus on any underlying causes to ensure good quality sleep, there may be ways to energize your body using some simple tips and tricks.
There are several ways to help you feel more energized in the morning. While these tips will work for many people in the short term, it is important to create long-term habits that help you feel energized throughout the day!
You can practice a combination of good sleep habits and morning routines to find what works best for you.
  1. Avoid hitting that snooze button
While delaying the inevitable might provide you with some instant gratification of getting a couple more minutes of sleep, spending the last half hour or so of nighttime rest in what researchers call “fragmented sleep” can have a negative impact on your energy levels. Instead you can try the 90-minute sleep cycle hack by setting two alarms, one for 90 minutes before you want to wake up and one for when you actually want to wake up. The theory is that the 90 minutes of sleep you get between snoozes will be a full sleep cycle, allowing you to wake up after your REM state, instead of during.
  1. Hydration is key
This might come as a surprise but fatigue is actually a classic symptom of dehydration and that’s why it’s recommended to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to help boost energy levels! Although it might be tempting to keep drinking caffeine throughout the day, you’re better off upping your intake of water and other noncaffeinated beverages throughout the day in order to get rid of fatigue.
  1. Get stretching first thing
We all know how good that first stretch in the morning after waking up can feel and there’s actually a reason for it! Reactivating your muscles, by stretching after a nights rest, releases energy-stimulating endorphins to help you feel more energized. Make a habit of taking time in the morning to practice some yoga to help boost both your energy levels and brain function!
  1. Breathing exercises
Along with yoga and stretching as part of your morning routine, breathing exercises can stimulate the body, by raising the oxygen levels and helping you to feel more awake.
  1. Embrace the sunlight
Light, especially bright light from the sun, signals the body that it’s time to wake up! As soon as you get up, open your blinds and let in the natural light to start feeling less fatigued. It has also been recommended that your bedroom should have blinds or curtains that allow natural light to come through more easily. The slow and steady increase of light in your room as the sun rises will allow for a more gradual transition to help you wake up.
  1. Enjoy a light breakfast
Food is fuel and giving your body some calories will help you start the day! However, if you exercise in the morning it is recommended that you eat after and not before to help you burn more calories and boost your metabolism. It’s also important to have a light breakfast that is filled with fatigue-fighting foods, such as lean proteins, whole grains, nuts, and lower-sugar fruits. Making the right choices for your breakfast is also critical for higher energy levels throughout the day.
  1. Save sugar for last
It’s important to remember that not all breakfasts are created equal and in order to boost your energy levels, it is recommended that sugary foods be avoided until after lunch. Sugary items can lead to the dreaded blood sugar spike and drop, which will leave you feeling more fatigued than ever.

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