Achieving The Minimalist Look With Apartment Decor

Achieving The Minimalist Look With Apartment Decor

You know by now that I’m a fan of the minimalist design. I love the clean look that offers little-to-no distractions. A minimalist apartment features a neutral palette and decluttered space, but you also need the right accessories to enhance the design. You can achieve the minimalist look with the following decor.

Cozy, Minimalist Accessories

You don’t have to give up your cozy vibe to create a minimalist design. There are plenty of accessories that work for both designs, such as area rugs, throw pillows, and wall art. You can find decorative pieces that are warm but sleek, or simple but colorful, to create a cozy minimalism space. Remember, you want your space to look intentionally designed and free of clutter.

Small Multifunctional Furniture

There’s nothing like small multifunctional furniture to keep your apartment clutter-free. A storage ottoman provides a storage solution while doubling as a foot stool, seating arrangement and coffee table. A couch table is a workstation by day and dining table by night. You can also use a bench with storage as an additional seating area or window seat for reading.

Play With Texture

Keep your clean space from becoming boring by adding in different textures. You may want a sleek, black coffee table with placemats, or maybe you want an antique chair made of leather. Woven baskets can double as decor and storage solutions. Of course, you want to be careful not to overdo the textures. The key is to create a space that is not visually or physically cluttered.

When creating a minimalist design, I stick to the rule of keeping things clean, stylish and functional. I only decorate with the items, colors and textures that are important to me. It is best to take your time and find the decor that works for you.

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