Back To School Tips

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It’s that time of year again, when summer break is almost over and it’s time to get ready for Back To School. Whether you’re sad to say goodbye to those long warm summer days with your kids or feel like your busy schedule is making it difficult to get organized, we have some helpful tips to make the transition a bit smoother for both you and your kids.
Getting started with your task list sooner than later will only make things easier, by creating smaller task lists to be completed every week, will help make things more manageable. There are also things that need to be done in a timely manner and can’t necessarily be rushed, such as getting your child scheduled for their physical.
Practice back to school routines
These routines will include homework time and after school lunch. Ask yourself, what will you expect from your kids when school starts and start setting those expectations, while helping them understand what they need to do. Show them where they will put their backpacks and do their homework. This little bit of prep work will make your kids more self-reliant and save you from all the chaos the first week usually brings.
Make a homework station
Speaking of homework, it’s important to pick a spot for the kids to do homework, where they have access to all the necessary supplies to get the job done. Also limit the amount of clutter and distractions that can interfere with their focus, by having them organize the space, once their homework is done.
Declutter anything left from summer
Also, speaking of clutter, this is a good time to declutter what is left lying around from all the summer fun. Put away the water guns, summer clothes, and the pool bag, to help get ready for Fall.
School Supplies
Along with purchasing all of the necessary school supplies, also be sure to label them. If you have more than one child, try to organize all of the supplies separately, so things don’t get mixed up. Also take time to buy new shoes or clothing, especially if they need something specific to wear for art class and such.
Do a “dry run”
It might be helpful to do a “dry run” the week before school starts to help get into the rhythm of things. Start by adjusting their bedtimes to go to bed sooner. Set their alarm clocks to get up a bit earlier and practice eating lunch from their lunchboxes. This is especially helpful for younger kids who aren’t used to having a set amount of time to finish their lunch or open their own packaged lunch items.
Help them get excited!
The week before school starts, it’s helpful to do certain activities that will help get your kids get excited for school, especially if they’re a bit nervous. Help them pick out an outfit to wear for their first day that will help them feel confident and comfortable. Take them to get a fresh haircut or maybe a nice pedicure. Whatever it is, help your kids feel prepared and confident to start off the new school year with a smile!

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