Tips for staying focused while working from home

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From our Reflections neighborhood to our Town Square neighborhood, it’s never been easier for residents of HighPoint Apartments to work from the place they call home. With spacious floor plans that can be shifted and transformed to meet your needs, the sky is the limit!
With all of that being said, we understand that it can still be challenging to stay focused, while working from home. Unlike a regular office, working from home puts us in close proximity to the things that help us relax and unwind, making it difficult to stay behind your desk, especially when tasks become tedious.
Therefore we would like to share some helpful tips to help keep you on task and make everyday as productive as the last!
Home Office Space
In order to help separate work from relaxation, it is crucial to have a designated work space, within your home. Try to select a quiet area, where distractions are limited, in order to maintain focus. Having this office space will help you get in the right mindset as you begin your day.
Declutter Routinely
Removing clutter from your work area, will help with productivity, by eliminating any distractions or obstacles. Clutter can accumulate throughout every day and will need to be removed routinely. From organizing important paper work to removing non-work related items and dirty dishes, having a clean work space ready, will be helpful for the next day.
Take a Break
It might sound counterproductive but ensuring that you are still taking necessary breaks will help your mind be recharged and your focus restored. It might be difficult for some to take a break, while working from home, when the tasks are endless but it’s necessary to maintain a healthy balance.
Be Prepared
Similar to when leaving for the office in the morning, while working from home, you want to ensure that you have everything you might need throughout the day and that you are well prepared. By having water or coffee handy, along with any stationery you might need, you limit the amount of times you have to leave your desk. Having to go get something from another area in your home can break your focus, making it more difficult to stay on task.
Task List
Post a calendar in your home office so you can see what tasks you need to work on every day. The more organized this calendar is, the better. Prioritize daily what work needs to get done for you to hit your deadlines and then write it down. This will help you stay on task and feel more purpose driven.


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