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Jessica here. As our schedules have become busy as a family, and our careers developing and moving forward, one of our biggest challenges has been eating healthy. We want to raise our son to eat healthy and be a good example, but we are constantly bombarded with the pull to go for prepackaged foods that have so many additives we stop reading the label. Working toward a career in the medical field, I get to see firsthand the effects nutrition has on a person’s body. Recently, I came across a diet that seems new, but has actually been around a long time. Eating Keto limits carbohydrate and sugar intake, while allowing consumption of good fat (that’s right, I said it) and protein. Bret likes it because he can still eat eggs and meat. Jalen is learning about healthy fats, eating lots of veggies and enjoying different types of meat. His diet is not as rigorous as ours as we make sure he has all the nutrition he needs to grow up strong. And we all FEEL better, LOOK heathier, and are ENJOYING our food. Check it out…

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