How America Really Works…

How America Really Works…

I am a flaming entrepreneur who believes in hard work, the free market and the principles of a democratic republic being the best form of government for “We the People”. Many of my collegues, neighbors and friends blindly believe that America is a country that manifests those principles in our daily lives.

But in reality, we live in “The Matrix” where our “Reality” is a pretense manipulated by unseen forces that we believe to be a representing the will of the people. That’s all being played out today as President Trump battles the “Deep State”, “International World Order”, ”Government Media Complex” and the “Global Federal Reserve”….which is not Federal at all!

Just witness the censorship inflicted upon “truth teller”, Alex Jones and his InfoWars broadcasts by the social media cartel…You Tube, Twitter, Spotify, etc. and you’ll realize how those unseen forces manipulate our access to truth…our reality! And that’s just one facet of the government media complex comprised of TV, Cable, Film, Radio News and entertainment.

If you’re interested in learning how our government REALLY works, view the video below. Its an eye opening tutorial on our Shadow Government and how the Deep State really controls our lives.

That’s why I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to live and run my business in HighPoint Town Square Apartments. Here, I’m supported by collegues, neighbors and friends living their lives in a beautiful community environment, in-spite of the corrupt world that surrounds us. We get our Real News from our broadcast site created and managed by the truth tellers in our community.

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