How I Manage To Store Everything Inside My Apartment

How I Manage To Store Everything Inside My Apartment

Living in an apartment, you’d think I would be struggling to find a place for everything. This used to be the case, until I started researching different storage ideas. I can actually enjoy living in my apartment because I have more space. You can use these ideas to create more storage space for your own apartment.

Double-Duty Furniture

Using double-duty furniture is a great way to increase your storage. One example is the well-known storage ottoman, which opens up to reveal a spot for magazines or books. You can also use a coffee table with drawers for your electronics and chargers. There’s also the popular bed with storage underneath, which is perfect for shoes, linen and seasonal apparel. With these solutions, you do not have to worry about taking up any extra floor space.

Use The Wall

What a better way to save space than to use the wall? In this case, self-adhesive hooks are your friend. In the living room, they are used for outerwear, bags and keys. Use a magnetic strips with adhesive backing to hang utensils in the kitchen self-adhesive hooks can even be used for robes and towels in the bathroom. You would be surprised at how much space I created just by hanging certain items on the wall.

Over The Door

You can also use the door as additional storage. There are plenty of stores that carry over-the-door hooks, racks and organizers. This comes in handy for hanging up jackets, robes, bags and hats. Use an over-the-door solution for snacks or cleaning supplies in your kitchen as well. I have found that creating hanging storage gives me more room in my closet, drawers and cabinets for other items.

Those are several ways I created more storage in my apartment, and you can try these ideas in your apartment as well.

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