How to Clean Your Apartment on a Busy Schedule

How to Clean Your Apartment on a Busy Schedule

It’s not easy to clean your apartment when you’re busy with work, school and errands. Of course, you want a clean apartment, but we only have so much time during the day to clean it. This is why I’ve researched different tips for cleaning your apartment on a busy schedule.

Divide Your Focus

You don’t have to clean your entire apartment at once. Why not clean just a little at a time? One idea is to schedule your tasks by day. You may want to take care of the dusting on Mondays, mopping on Tuesdays and vacuuming on Wednesdays. Another idea is to focus on one room each day, such as your bedroom on Thursday and the kitchen on Friday.

Clean During Downtime

You can also clean when you have a little downtime during the day. I’m not suggesting you spend every moment of your free time cleaning, but you can clean when you’re bored or waiting on something else. If your apartment has a washer and dryer, switch loads during a commercial break. You may even decide to fold your laundry while watching your show. Are you looking for a way to cure boredom on a rainy day? Sort through your mail or take care of the dusting.

Declutter Your Apartment

It’s easier to clean your apartment when you’re not constantly sorting through clutter. Not only do you have to keep your collection of ceramic mugs and knick-knacks clean, but you’re creating an overwhelming sight throughout your space. Lighten the load by getting rid of everything you don’t want, need or love in your apartment. This way, you’re not cleaning or sorting through a mess of items and papers.

How do you keep your apartment clean on a busy schedule? I’m always interested in reading your tips and tricks!

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