How To Compromise With A Roommate Regarding Chores

How To Compromise With A Roommate Regarding Chores

Tension between roommates is never a fun experience, especially when that roommate is your best friend. It’s inevitable that you’re going to disagree over chores, as this happens to everyone who lives together. Nobody likes to do the dishes, empty the trash or mop the floor, but these are chores that must be done. The good news is you can find several ways to compromise with your roommate.

Assign The Chores

If your roommate hates dusting the furniture, but you don’t mind it, consider making it your weekly chore. In return, your roommate should take on a chore that you don’t like doing, such as wiping down the counters. It’s best to assign chores that are simple to keep things fair between the two of you. Your roommate may not want to take care of the laundry while you’re only dusting the furniture.

Rotate The Chores

The bigger chores should be rotated to ensure you’re both doing your fair share. If your roommate is cooking dinner, you should take care of the dishes. You can switch those chores the next night. If you’re vacuuming the living room, they can mop the kitchen floor, and you can switch these tasks weekly. Don’t be afraid to create a chore chart to keep both of you on track with these tasks.

Share The Chores

There are certain chores that should be done together, such as grocery shopping and laundry. Most people dread cleaning the bathroom, but you can tackle this chore together. You should also work together when it’s time to clean the entire apartment. Working together not only makes these chores easier, but it also makes the time go by faster.

When you work with your roommate to find a compromise, you can solve the problems that usually come up when dealing with chores.

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