I’m Planning To Incorporate Hygge Into My Apartment

I’m Planning To Incorporate Hygge Into My Apartment

Are you familiar with hygge? Hygge creates a feeling that is cozy, charming or special, and I’ve been researching ways to add hygge to my apartment. I want to help you add hygge to your space by sharing the tips I have found with you.

Textures and Layers

I’m learning that textures and layers create the cozy feeling that makes hygge so popular. Imagine relaxing on a couch full of thick blankets and throw pillows. Wouldn’t that keep you warm on a cold day? If the weather is warm, I’d recommend adding textures and layers with an attractive area rug, lightweight curtains and decorative pillows. There is no right or wrong answer, you just add what makes you feel comfy and cozy.

A Personal Touch

You can create a special feeling by adding a personal touch to your space. I’m not saying to create a cluttered mess of photographs, knick-knacks and collectibles. It’s fine to decorate with artwork, photographs, candles and other pieces that brighten your day, but you don’t want to go overboard with it. Another idea is to create a spot for your favorite hobby, such as reading, drawing or yoga. The key is to use items and ideas that take you to your happy place.

The Little Things

There is more to adding hygge to your apartment than creating a clean, happy space. You also need to slow down and enjoy the little things. When you’re curled up under the blankets with a good book, when you’re watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee, or when you’re chatting with friends in the kitchen, you’re living in the moment. I’m using this as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

I’m only in my early stages of hygge, and I’m already happy with this lifestyle.

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