iPhone XS Tips and Tricks

iPhone XS Tips and Tricks

I’m so excited to get my new iPhone XS this Friday! I ordered at 2 am on the 14th to ensure I was the first to get the latest iteration!

This year I decided to order the iPhone XS, I did not opt to go with the max as the size seemed a bit too much like an iPad to me. Another interesting change is this year I did not opt to go with the most storage space, 512GB, instead I opted for 256GB as I have yet to even hit the 128GB limit.

In anticipation for the new handset, I found this great article with some iPhone XS tips and tricks, check it out! https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/10/01/iphone-xs-tips-and-tricks.html

Are you planning on ordering the new phone? What color are you getting? I’m going with space grey again this year.

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