Is the Tesla Model 3 Worth It?

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I love my smartphone, my smartwatch, and the smart home accessories I have installed in my HighPoint Town Square apartment, but to be honest, my car isn’t all that smart. Sure, it takes me from point A to B, but that’s about it.
This lead me to search for a car with smarter functionality. A car that can automatically steer, accelerate and decelerate on the expressway. A car that can automatically park itself when I get home. A car that runs on electricity instead of expensive gasoline!
In my search, only one car company fulfills my future proofed out there desires… Tesla. The only problem is, I’m a millennial that can’t afford a $70,000 car… but I can afford a $35,000 car. This is why the model 3 gets me really excited.

In doing the math, I currently spend about $250 per month on gas! That’s $3,000 per year on gas alone! Electricity is significantly more affordable, by my estimates my electricity costs per month would be under $35 per month. So by going electric, I could save $2,580 per year! Add this in with a $7,500 federal income tax credit and my $35,000 car is quickly looking more like a $25,000 car with all of the future proofed wants I could ever imagine!
I came to these conclusions by using this fantastic Model 3 cost calculator: Seriously, if you’re even considering a Tesla, you need to check out this site.
So is the Tesla Model 3 worth it? Well, it depends… I guess the bigger question is if you live at HighPoint where everything is within walking distance, is a car even worth it?

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