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It’s difficult to believe that we are almost halfway through the year and with that said, it’s important to do some self evaluation on our physical and mental health, to ensure that we have enough steam to finish strong. Sometimes our bodies are so accustomed to enduring constant stress that it can often times camouflage the various telltale signs, making it difficult to identify and rectify.
Stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways and it’s different for most people but after ignoring certain symptoms your own body might begin to change the way in which it displays signs of stress. Although stress is a part of our daily lives no matter who we are, we hope that we are able to highlight some of the most common ways in which stress reveals itself and how to possibly rectify them.
Low Energy
Stress can often force us to feel constantly rushed while making us feel weighed down to the point of feeling incapacitated. This results in us feeling like we have a million things to do but no energy to get any of it done. By creating a task list we are able to have a visual representation of all of the things we need to get done and often realize that it’s not as overwhelming as it might seem. It also gives us a starting point when we feel like we are being pulled in a million different directions.
Frequent Colds
When we do not create time for a break from stress, I body will often force us to take a break by developing an illness. Therefore, stress can result in having frequent colds, headaches, or indigestion. Make sure to create time for breaks in order to relax, rejuvenate, and meditate.
When the thought of going out with friends and family seems like it would be to draining, you might be experiencing too much stress. Having strong relationships and spending quality time is an integral part of our emotional health and isolation could have multiple negative effects on our mental health. Just think of all the times you dreaded having to go somewhere but ended up realizing how much you needed it.
Mood changes
Stress can also be identified through quick and unexpected mood changes usually displayed as anger or irritability. Stress can often make us feel as though we are no longer in control and therefore influence our emotions quite drastically. Exercise allows us to release tension built up in our minds and bodies by getting rid of frustrations and feeling more centered.
Sleep is extremely important for our bodies to feel rejuvenated on a daily basis and feeling stressed can often cause our minds to be constantly overactive, resulting in insomnia. Practicing meditation is our best defense against stress stretching our minds in too many directions at once. Meditation allows us to center our thoughts and block out all of the noise that constantly overwhelms us.
With exercise being the number one remedy against built up stress, we want to highlight our state of the art fitness center, which is conveniently accessible to all of HighPoints residents. The beautiful nature trails also offer a serene experience for practicing meditation and centering your thoughts in order to break the cycle of stress.

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