Is your diet killing your physique?

Is your diet killing your physique?

Is your diet killing your ability to get six pack abs? Mine sure was, and by doing just three small things, I was able to improve my physique and feel better!

1.Cut off all Soda

Cutting off all soda was hard for me, but by drinking seltzer water instead of soda, I was able to limit my sugar intake which limits calories and keeps off belly fat!

2. Cut all fast food

Fast food is delicious and quick, but it’s awful for you. I was able to cut fast food entirely by either choosing healthy alternatives or drinking Huel, which is a meal replacement that I make in a matter of minutes! My six-pack is finally in reach after just doing these two things!

3. Eat a balanced breakfast

It may seem like a no-brainer, but merely taking the time each day to prepare a balanced breakfast (two eggs, whole grain toast, yogurt, an orange) you set yourself up for success and give your metabolism the boost it needs!

Since I have made these three lifestyle changes, I’ve found that my physique has been improving in no time!

Of course, this six-pack wouldn’t be possible without a good workout routine, and I can’t wait to experience ClubFiziq at HighPoint in my new neighborhood! State of the art workout equipment will make my daily workout a breeze!

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