My Daily Workout Supplements

My Daily Workout Supplements

ClubFiziq will be open in no time, so in anticipation, I thought I would share some of the supplements I take to look great at the pool.

  1. P6 Advanced Testosterone Booster

P6 is a natural supplement that boosts testosterone and gets me ripped! Check it out here! I take two capsules in the morning and two before bed.

2. GNC Mega Men Sport VitaPak

Mega Men Sport VitaPak is one of my favorite vitamins as everything I need comes in a convenient package! In the pack, there are vitamins for muscle recovery and support, ultra energy generator, and nitric oxide support! That’s not even counting the multivitamin! Check it out!

3. My Pre-Workout Choice…

When it comes to Pre-Workout, I take ACG3 from PMD. The blue razz flavor is the best in my opinion, and it keeps me going strong throughout my entire workout!

4. My Amino Acids Pick…

I also use PMD for my amino acids, I love the BCAA Watermelon flavor. It gives my muscles everything they need to recover after a good workout!

5. Last but not least… Creatine! 

When it comes to creatine, I take EFX Sports’ Kre-Alkalyn capsules. By simply taking two capsules before and after working out, I don’t need to deal with, ‘tasteless’ powders!

Note – this is just commentary, these are not medical recommendations. Please consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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