The New Sexy: Minimalism.

The New Sexy: Minimalism.

I came across this pin that inspired me (Image Below).  The minimalism of this living space inspires me, and I wanted to explain

Source: BlogLovin’ On Pinterest

a little bit about why it does. The blank walls to me represent an open canvas, limited distractions, and a clean approach to life. I love the black and white posters. I am planning on bringing my original Apple Think Different posters and could imagine it fitting very well in simple frames like that on the wall.

The windows of the units at HighPoint Town Square reflect the simplistic approach from the exterior of the unit, to the beautiful polished floors.

I plan on my unit being an innovation powerhouse for automation and the amplification of products and services in Chicagoland. With a minimalistic approach, I can be my most authentic self.

What do you think of this minimalistic layout?

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