Why I Chose HighPoint Town Square

Why I Chose HighPoint Town Square

This week I wanted to stop and take a moment to reflect on why I chose to live at HighPoint Town Square. The reason I thought it would be a good story for my newsfeed is because of how unique and special this place really is.

Unlike other apartment communities, HighPoint wasn’t all about the four walls I’d reside in, no HighPoint was advertised to me as being much more than that. The tag line of, “where residents become neighbors and neighbors become friends” was brought to life when I moved in and over the past several months I’ve formed long lasting relationships with residents in my community. I love the feeling of knowing local businesses are in walking distance from my apartment and mail, coffee, the gym, a community theater, pool, grills, and nature walkways are just as close.

I never thought I could live in a suburb and barley use my car. It’s incredible how close everything is to me, but what’s even more special is that small business powers it all. There’s no big business agenda, no it’s all normal everyday people living together and enjoying the most of life.

For the stage of life I’m in, I am so grateful that I found HighPoint Town Square. In fact, I’m even more excited to experience this community when I eventually do have a family! I truly believe I can live my best life at HighPoint!

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