Why I use Apple Music

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When it comes to music, I have very broad tastes. I have my HomePod almost always playing music as I work from home. I used to exclusively use Spotify until the unveiling of Apple Music. Here are my top five reasons I prefer Apple Music.

  1. Ecosystem: I’ll admit it, I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem. Everything works together seamlessly when everything is Apple. (You might notice the rest of my reasons revolve around this point)
  2. HomePod: When Apple first unveiled HomePod, I wasn’t thrilled. I honestly thought I wouldn’t want it… that is until I heard the sound it produced. For such a small speaker, the sound is so full! Unfortunately, it only works with Apple Music!
  3. Siri support! Being able to summon Siri and ask her to play any song you can think of is still super awesome. I personally enjoy asking Siri to, “play music I like.”
  4. Fitness: I love working out, and I love that I can leave my phone at home, grab my AirPods, and hit the gym streaming my music via LTE from my Apple Watch. Apple Music makes this so simple.
  5. Curated content: having a constantly changing, “For You” and “Chill” playlist is so unique. I love how the style changes from week to week, yet still includes music I’d enjoy. It truly enhances the experience of enjoying music.

What do you think about Apple Music? Let me know in the comments below!

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