How to Troubleshoot with Your Roommates

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Everyone hopes they will get along with their roommates. It’s no fun to avoid common spaces or feel that uncomfortable tension while you’re using the kitchen or watching TV. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go sour. Here are a few ways to sort out roommate issues as they arise.

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Communicate face-to-face.

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If your roommate isn’t paying bills on time, isn’t following the rules of your lease, or isn’t being respectful of your belongings, you need to say something. Same goes for a roommate who is too loud or has guests over all of the time.

Ideally, you’ll sort out expectations before you move in. In the case that someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, however, the best way to resolve most roommate issues is by opening up lines of communication. Texting and email are good, but face-to-face is better.

Acknowledge your preferences.

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  • Is one of you a night owl who loves to watch Netflix until 2 a.m. most nights? Does one of your roommates have a long-distance relationship and a boyfriend who will spend most weekends at your place?

Everyone’s preferences and lifestyles are different, but it’s important to lay all of these things out on the table. Passive-aggressive behavior is the worst possible thing for a roommate relationship– it means you’re unable to communicate about the things you want, need, and don’t think you can tolerate.

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  • It’s also important to acknowledge that not everyone’s lifestyle is going to be exactly like yours. But that’s OK. What matters most is figuring out how to cooperate and coexist, even if one of you wants to take a bath every evening or needs 20 minutes of solo time in the living room each weekend.
  • Solve the problem. 
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So, one of your roommates is a little bit of a deadbeat. Unfortunately, you can’t just write them off or ignore them. That’s not how sharing a space works, and it definitely won’t help things improve in the long-run. Instead, try and talk about what you each need to make your shared space more habitable.

If things just aren’t improving after multiple attempts at communication and problem-solving, it might be time to escalate things to your landlord. This is why it’s a good idea to have a signed agreement of what each of you will contribute in terms of finances, chores and general ground rules.

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This article was very helpful to Issa and I when we decided to move in together at Highpoint Town Square.


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