Apartment Living: Compromising With Your Significant Other

Apartment Living: Compromising With Your Significant Other

We know from experience that living with your significant other is an amazing feeling. However, we also know it’s going to take both of you to make it work. The following tips can help you compromise with your significant other when sharing an apartment.

Decorate As A Couple

Ah, decorating. What seems so minor is something that needs to be worked out before you move into your apartment. You may find that you have some common ground with your preferred styles. For example, if they’re drawn to rustic decor, and you enjoy the farmhouse look, compromise by looking into the rustic farmhouse style.

Create A Message Center

A message center is a lifesaver during those periods when your schedules are busy. Start by using self-adhesive hooks or strips to hang a bulletin board in the kitchen. Use the bulletin board for reminders, appointments and lists, and don’t forget to leave sweet or silly messages for them to read later. Sure, you can text each other, but you don’t have to worry about your battery dying with a message center.

Make Your Own Space

It’s important to make sure you each have your own space, as you need to have some “me” time even when you’re living together. If you don’t have a spare room, each of you should designate a different area, such as two corners in the living room, to your needs. If your needs clash, such as reading and listening to music, compromise by taking turns or investing in noise-canceling headphones. You also want to make sure you both have enough storage space.

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