Declutter Your Apartment For Winter

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Declutter Your Apartment For Winter

Are you waiting for spring cleaning to declutter your apartment? Why wait when you can start now? Between the holidays, cold weather and daily tasks, the last thing you want is to come home to a cluttered apartment. Use the following tips to declutter your apartment for winter.

Put Away The Fall Decorations

Start by putting away your fall decorations, as you’re not going to need orange leaves and scarecrows for winter. You also want to go through your inventory to see what needs to be recycled, tossed or donated. Everything you’re keeping should go into a closet or storage unit. Transitioning from your fall to winter decor helps you to step into the new season.

Go Through Your Seasonal Clothes

Your fall decor is not the only thing you should focus on putting away for the season. Use this time to go through your spring and summer clothes to see what you’re not taking into the New Year with you. You can always donate the clothes you’re not planning to wear next spring or summer. The items you’re keeping should be packed away, and your winter apparel should be unpacked so you’re prepared for the weather.

Create A Space For Winter Accessories

Of course, you’re going to need a place for your winter accessories, such as your hats, gloves and coats. If you haven’t set up an entrance yet, a mudroom hutch is a lifesaver. Another option is a chair, small table and self-adhesive hooks on the wall. Your items should be accessible as you’re heading out the door, but they should also be organized and out of the way.

A cluttered apartment is an unhappy apartment, but you can live in a happier, stress-free environment by clearing out the clutter in your HighPoint Town Square apartment for winter.

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