Stay Productive By Organizing Your Workspace

Desktop with keyboard, Paperclips, calculator

Stay Productive By Organizing Your Workspace

If you are an entrepreneur like I am, you know how important it is to stay organized. Sure, you can work anywhere thanks to your mobile device, but you may have a workspace in your apartment for coming up with ideas and working on projects.

Your workspace needs to be organized if you want to do your best work, so you may want to keep the following tips in mind.

Clean Off Your Desktop

It is going to be hard to get your work done if your desk is cluttered with paper, office supplies and electronics. You may think “I can put it away later,” but “later” is always put off until the next day. Everything should have a place, and you should put each item away when you are finished with it. It also helps to come up with an organizational system for the items you are keeping on your desk.

Organize Your Desk Drawers

Once you are finished with your desktop, you want to organize your desk drawers. If you have more than one drawer, designate each one to a specific category, such as paper documents, office supplies and electronics. Use labeled folders to organize your documents, as well as drawer dividers to organize your office supplies and electronics.

Create A No-Fuss Space

The key to creating a productive workspace is to ensure it is a no-fuss workspace. It is one thing to place a stress-relief ball or picture of your family on your desk. However, it is another thing to add three stress-relief balls and five knick-knacks that are more distracting than motivating. When creating your workspace, choose your accessories wisely.

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