How To Create A Productive Morning Routine

How To Create A Productive Morning Routine

I enjoy sticking to my morning routine, as it helps me to get on track and stay productive. I’d recommend a morning routine to anyone, regardless of their plans. If you don’t have a morning routine, use the following tips to create one that works for you.

Write It Down

I’ve found it’s helpful to establish a routine if I write it down, or type it out, as long as it’s visually in front of me. You can create a schedule, to-do list… whatever works for you. If I’m planning to run to the store after I have my protein shake, I add it to my schedule, so I know it’ll get done. It gets you into the habit of planning tasks in advance, which helps you to establish a routine.

Prepare The Night Before

If you have the opportunity to prepare for your morning the night before, do it. I’ve found that laying my clothes out, or placing my protein powder on the counter, the night before helps me to get started in the morning. You think “Hey, I already did this, now it’s one less thing I have to do.” Another example, if you’re planning to meet with your friends, have your essentials ready to grab as you head out the door.

Take Some Time For You

It’s important to take some time for you, especially if you’re taking care of others. Use this time to sip on your coffee, read or meditate. It’s going to be hard to have a productive day when you’re not taking care of yourself, and sometimes, “pushing through it” just isn’t good enough.

Another key to establishing a routine is staying organized. My HighPoint Town Square apartment is spacious enough to create a place for everything, which makes it easier to get going in the morning.

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