New health tips for a new you

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So you’ve decided to start the year off right with a new workout routine and healthy eating plan but maybe your optimism and resolve is starting to dwindle as the weeks go by. We would love to offer the following tips to help you along your path towards a better and healthier lifestyle!
Get enough sleep!
It might sound counterintuitive when you feel like you should only be working out more but allowing your body to get enough rest is just as important. Sleeping approximately 8 hours every night enhances your muscle recovery making it a crucial part when trying to increase muscle mass and feeling revitalized the next day.
Eat foods that support your journey towards fitness.
While you are getting your 8 hours of sleep your body is able to repair and build muscle through protein synthesis and therefore you need to include enough protein in your diet to help the process along. High protein foods include eggs, salmon, greek yogurt, and peanut butter.
Break your end goal into smaller goals.
Your end goal might be a long way away from where you are now and this can definitely be discouraging but by breaking it into smaller and easier to attain goals, you are more likely to stay motivated throughout your journey. It will definitely help turn your goals into hills rather than mountains you are trying to climb.
Have comfortable workout clothes.
Having comfortable workout clothes is definitely underrated. You should have pants that allow you to flex and stretch without restriction or having to readjust constantly. Ladies will also agree that having proper support can make a big difference in your level of comfort and saving you from future back pain.
As one of the amazing residents here at HighPoints apartments remember that you have free access to a state of the art Community/Fitness center right on your doorstep that provides you with all the necessary equipment and resources to help you reach your goal!

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