Preparing for Delivery…

Preparing for Delivery…

Next week is my Tesla Model 3 delivery! I ordered my rear wheel drive, long range, red, autopilot enabled Model 3 back at the beginning of July as the perfect companion to my forward thinking HighPoint Town Square home. The process of ordering the car has been incredible. Up to this point, I have been able to do everything online. From ordering the exact car, putting down deposits, applying for a loan, even sending photos of my old car for a trade in has been 100% online. The only thing left is to pick up the car!

In preparation for delivery, I used the following list to ensure I’d be set for success when I drive off the Tesla lot next week.

  1. Find where to charge! One of my favorite things about living at HighPoint Town Square is I’m less than 15 minutes from the Bolingbrook Supercharger. This makes charging even faster and more efficient at only a fraction of the cost of gas. I’m not anticipating to need this much, as I have found my need to drive significantly less now that all my needs are within walking distance!
  2. Prepare to check the vehicle thoroughly I am preparing to bring this list to my delivery appointment in order to ensure everything is correct with my new car. While I would hate to refuse delivery, it’s more important that it be right now and save several service center trips in the future.
  3. Buy the Aero Wheel Cap Kit (not necessary) This one is more of a want than a need on this list, however, as someone who opted for the cheaper aero wheels I was thrilled to see the cap kit that would allow for my wheels to look more sleek for only $50. From the review videos I’ve seen online, it appears the aero wheel covers make a very small impact on overall range so I already purchased a set of wheel caps to swap as soon as I take delivery.

I’m only 9 short days away! The last time I was this excited, I was moving into my new apartment. What are your thoughts on the Model 3? Do you think I should add anything
to my list?

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