Summer is (almost) here once again!

Summer is (almost) here once again!

I am so excited for this summer at HighPoint! From a new restaurant in the Friendship Centre, to the pool, outdoor trails, paddleboats, and more I feel like I can truly have a work life balance here!

It’s funny, I feel like when the weather gets nicer I used to have a tendency to stay inside more, however, this season I’ve probably spent the most time outside I ever have. I just love the sense of community that HighPoint brings, from the warm welcoming feeling from the property staff and Friendship Centre front desk, to the polite kids in the preschool just around the corner from my apartment.

Now I get why they call this place, “Town Square.” This summer I am seeing exactly how much of a town this place can really be!

I might need to get rid of my car!

Seriously… you don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience true community in Chicagoland. Join me at HighPoint… I hear our townhomes are spectacular!

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