Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Most Millennials still yearn to buy a home. But with fewer homes being built, rising costs, and personal debt that would choke a horse, few can ever expect to own one. The American Dream is becoming extinct!


But that cherished dream of owning a home only makes financial sense in times of high inflation. That’s when you can expect to sell your home for more than you’ve invested in it, including those often ignored costs of real estate taxes, maintenance and repairs. But as you wait for that inflationary cycle to occur, you’re stuck holding on to a real estate asset that restricts your mobility, travel or relocating to a new job opportunity.

So why buy when you can rent? Especially as the building industry is now refocusing its building efforts on home renters rather than home buyers. HighPoint Town Square Apartments exemplifies this trend toward appealing to home buyers. Here, townhome apartments are every bit as good, or better, than for sale townhomes that feature all the latest that home buyers look for. This neighborhood was developed specifically to appeal to home buyers who woke up to the benefits of renting.

See for yourself and visit HighPoint Town Square Apartments. I did and was amazed! So will you.
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