Top Model 3 Accessories

Top Model 3 Accessories

Wow! I love my Model 3! I just finished my first road trip to Grand Rapids from HighPoint Town Square and the ride was spectacular. Never before have I driven for 3 and a half hours with 0 driver fatigue! The ride was so smooth it was incredible!

Opting for Auto Pilot was a great call, in fact, the Model 3 drove us on the expressway the entire time. When I wanted to change lanes, I simply pushed on the turn signal stalk and the car automatically indicated, checked the lane next to me, and turned into it with 0 work from me.

When we approached traffic, the car automatically decelerated and accelerated to maintain a safe following distance at all times. We truly are in the future!!

Here’s the most exciting part though… the drive there we had to charge for 15 minutes, the cost (drumroll please) $3. Yep… you read that right, it cost me $3 to drive to Grand Rapids from Romeoville.

I was so thankful that before I left, I read this article and was able to purchase these must-have accessoires for the Model 3 –

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