Work/Liv by Rauol

Work/Liv by Rauol

Socially Responsible Minimalism is Tailor Made for Apartment Residents

You can experience the freedom of apartment living, like I’ve discovered by embracing the minimalist lifestyle. It’s a growing phenomenon, or shall I call it realization, now that the American dream of home ownership is no longer the ideal we all pursue. I often think that we were all deceived by that noble notion that home ownership is a fundamental right of being an American. When in fact, it was a pretext of the banking / political establishment to enrich themselves. So much for trusting our hallowed institutions!

I enjoy my HighPoint Town Square Liv/Work Apartment quite a bit because I’ve embraced a minimalist lifestyle in which I shun cheap, Chinese made consumerism and limit my purchases to only the essential items that enrich my life. To see what I mean and perhaps gain some insight into enriched and sustainable apartment living, watch this video from “My Green Closet”:

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