Prepping your skin for cold weather

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Isabelle and I enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, warm sweaters, cute boots, and everything else Fall has to offer just as much as the next person but every time we leave our cozy apartment here at HighPoint, we’re hit with the cold hard truth of dry skin. These are some of the helpful tips we’ve tried, tested, and loved.

  1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It’s really important that you make sure to get rid of any dead skin first. You can exfoliate using scrubs or loofahs.
  2. Once you’ve exfoliated to get rid of any dead skin, it’s essential that you use lotion to provide your skin with moisture. Another helpful tip to make sure the lotion stays on your skin as long as possible, for optimal absorption, would be to apply lotion to your skin, including your hands and feet, before bed, and then putting on socks and gloves!
  3. You can even make an event out of it with your BFFs by putting on some facial masks and watching a movie.
  4. Last but definitely not least, remember to drink lots of water which will also allow your body to naturally help with dry skin.

We love how our home at HighPoint offers a cozy space for self-care at the end of every day! You should join us!

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