Line Sketch of Raoul Avatar

Raoul is always looking for the next new thing. An entrepreneur at heart, he is bound and determined to create a multi-million-dollar company by the time he is 35. He’s tech savvy, having dropped out of a prestige university after realizing that completing his degree would leave him with lingering debt and handicap his business dreams. Although his immigrant parents couldn’t financially help him, he immediately started his own business enterprises and hasn’t looked back.A self-taught technologist and voracious learner, Raoul outsources his technical expertise to a network of business start-ups and small businesses. He relies upon a network of other service providers to team up their competencies to foster business solutions to a wide range of businesses across the world. His travels have exposed him to diverse cultures and stimulated his thirst for adventure. He’s always seeking out new and novel opportunities, be it in business, investment, latest fashion trends, new products, friends, re-lationships, or novel places to live. He works hard, keeps fit with yoga and spin classes and doesn’t clutter his life with unnecessary” stuff”. You might consider him to be a minimalist preferring to keep his life simple

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